Joining the association

How to join Tayk as a member?

You can join the association by paying the small membership fee of the association (5 euros). You can pay the fee to our bank account FI83 4726 0010 1348 85 (with the message ”jäsenmaksu / your name”). The fee will be used wholly to fund the activities and basic functions of the association. Any member wishing to resign from the Association must inform the Association’s Board or its chairman of this in writing.

When you have paid the membership fee please note our treasurer ( about it by sending an email to her with your name (first and surname), your home municipality (in Finland), your email address, the year of your birth and whether or not you are a member of the Student Union of the University of Tampere (Tamy). We need this information for the Register of Associations and for the funding applications. The information will not be misused.

You can get more information about the activities of our association by joining our email list TAYK-YHDISTYS. Joining the list is completely free. Here are the instructions how to do it:

Send an email to, where you have written “subscribe TAYK-YHDISTYS forename surname” (for example subscribe TAYK-YHDISTYS Barry White). After you have sent the email you will get a confirmation email in a couple of minutes. Read the instructions of the email to confirm your joining to the list. If there appears to be some kind of problems with getting into the list, contact the administrator ( and he will add you to the list immediately.

If you are still wondering whether to join or not, come and see what it is all about! You can always participate to our events and the board meetings (that are usually organised once in 2-3 weeks) or contact the board members (especially chair Yeti Kakko, ( if you have any specific questions about joining or the association.

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