MINUTES  of BOARD MEETING                                           24.1.2017


Time    Tuesday 24th January 2017 at 18:00

Place   Kulttuuritalo Telakka

Tullikamarinaukio 3, 33100 Tampere


Emilia Tuurala

Elisa Palminen

Lauren Stevens

Nina Huhtinen

Salla Uusitalo

Hasan Sohail

Anna-Mari Hiltunen

Elina Häkkinen

Niina Jyränen

  1. Opening the Meeting

The meeting opened at 18:01.

  1. Legality and Quorum

The meeting was legal and the board was able to make decisions.

  1. Organisation of the meeting

Emilia Tuurala was Chairman.

Lauren Stevens was Secretary.

The scrutinisers are Elisa Palminen and Emilia Tuurala.

  1. Acceptance of the agenda

The agenda was accepted as distributed.

  1. Announcements
  • The UN Youth of Finland are having their next meeting in Tampere. There will be an organisational day at the university on 11th February to which all UN associations will be invited. Speakers are needed.
  • The UN Youth of had their first meeting in which they organised positions and the agenda. Their focus will be on the environment and the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). Salla and Nina will keep us informed.
  • Last year’s theme was multiculturalism. We need to decide this year’s theme.
  • We applied for some funding from the city. Last year we received €1,500. This year we asked for €2,500. We could get €2,000 because the organisation has grown. We will apply for other funding.
  • Tamy’s Big Association Blast is on 31st 25th January is the deadline. Participation can influence our funding.
  • Tampere Peace Perspectives on 17th February could be relevant to TAYK.
  1. Confirming the membership register

We should do it today, but we can’t because we don’t have it. It will be confirmed in the next meeting.

  1. Confirming the right to use the association’s account

Nina Pauliina Huhtinen (062087-218S) should have access because she is the Treasurer and Emilia Tuurala (270994-204H) could also have access.

  1. Economic affairs

Our balance is around €528.

  1. Upcoming events
  • An internship information event with Europe Youth of Tampere has been organised for 15th February at 16:00. However, this event has previously been criticised for being organised too late. We should choose two speakers who have done an internship with the EU or UN. Last year there was a speaker opening and a panel with questions by people who had done internships. Last year the room was too small, but we don’t want to use a room that’s too big otherwise it will look empty. We also need to buy gifts for the speakers.
  • Have a drink with TAYK will be organised on 20th, 21st or 22nd Nina has an idea of a speaker she could invite. O’Connell’s would be a good location because the library room is free and everybody can hear.
  • Last year there was an idea to visit the Embassy of Finland in Geneva in May for 10-15 people. Some travel expenses can be reimbursed depending on our budget and funding.
  1. Other matters
  • We need to choose the theme. It could be equality, which is broad and incorporates a range of equalities, such as gender, race and religion. Non-discrimination is related. As a result of Resolution 2250, youth and security could also be an option for another theme. However, choosing youth could make older members feel excluded.
  1. Next meeting

The next meeting will be on Tuesday 7th February at 18:00. The location will be announced later.


  1. Ending the meeting

The meeting ended at 18:41.