MINUTES of BOARD MEETING                                           7.2.2017


Time    Tuesday 7th February 2017 at 18:00

Place   O’Connell’s Irish Bar

Rautatienkatu 24, 33100 Tampere


Emilia Tuurala

Elisa Palminen

Lauren Stevens

Nina Huhtinen

Salla Uusitalo

Hasan Sohail

Anna-Mari Hiltunen

Elina Häkkinen

Niina Jyränen

  1. Opening the Meeting

The meeting opened at 18:02.

  1. Legality and Quorum

The meeting was legal and the board was able to make decisions.

  1. Organisation of the meeting

Emilia Tuurala was Chairman.

Lauren Stevens was Secretary.

The scrutinisers are Salla Uusitalo and Anna-Mari Hiltunen.

  1. Acceptance of the agenda

Emilia added point 10.

  1. Announcements

Some people are away for internships and exchanges at some point this year.


  1. Confirming the membership register
  • We currently have 65 members who have paid the fee, most of whom (around 48) are Tamy members
  • The fee is only paid once and membership lasts as long the person announces that they no longer want to be a member
  • The problem is that as a result we are unable to identify active members
  • There could be a fee which decreases annually in order to identify the active members
  • We need the email password
  • There is no English version of the rules
  • Emilia can ask other associations how they manage this situation
  • We could cooperate with Tampere UN Women to gain more members from outside the university
  • We can meet informally to plan the rules
  1. Economic affairs

Nina still doesn’t have access to the account, but she will attend Tamy’s treasurer training session.

  1. Upcoming events
  • TAYK & the European Youth of Tampere (TEN) – Internship information event/Harjoitteluinfo 15th February 18:00 in the Paavo Koli lecture hall (Pinni A building, on the right hand side after entering the main doors)
    • There will be four speakers
    • The Facebook page is ready and around 100 people are attending/interested
    • It has been very visible on Twitter as Salla has been very active there
    • Elina and one person from TEN will lead the discussion if the university person cannot come
  • Have a drink with TAYK
    • Nina’s contact cannot come, but she has an idea for two others, one of whom is already attending Tampere Peace Perspectives on 17th February 9:15-16:30 so perhaps she could come after, although there is an after party starting at 19:00
    • Nina can ask the speaker if 21st February is suitable
    • It could be in O’Connell’s/Kaijakka/Bar K (no separate room)
    • Everyone can buy their own drinks
  • Excursion
    • Elisa spoke to her teacher Tarja Seppä who promised to help if needed said it’s better to organise it for the autumn because that leaves enough time to do lots of planning
    • First we should determine a group of people who will definitely go
    • We could make a poll in our group to see who will attend and then open it up to others
    • International Relations students could get academic compensation
  • Movie night
    • There is uncertainty about copyright and how we can stream films
    • We could cooperate with Tampere UN Women
    • UN association/youth could have some movies
    • We could buy one on iTunes
  • Week against racism (20th-26th March)
    • TAYK could consider participating
    • We could connect it to agenda 2030
  • We could aim for one event every 2 weeks
  • The informal meeting will be 2nd March at 18:00 and the location will be announced later
  • Mahdollisuuksien tori and sosiaalifoorumi will organise an event in May, and this could be a good thing to participate in in order to advertise our work and reach out to people outside the university
  • Nina suggested a trip to the theatre to see a play about in climate change (only in Finnish)


  1. Website and blog
  • It is in good shape
  • There is only one section in English: the introduction, board (updated), and how to join
  • We need to pay for the domain in March. Sami Vuorenpää has the information.
  • Salla has time to translate it in the autumn
  • We could divide the sections and start with the most important section, such as upcoming events
  • There is no option for the user to see the entire website in English
  • We should decide whether we have a drop-down link for each page under the English tab, or just have English below the Finnish on each page
  • There will two blog posts in February; Joel and Hasan, and Suvi in March
  • We could pay for increasing advertising on Facebook but if we remove it then our visibility could be worse than in the beginning. We could save this idea for a specific event.
  • We could post events at certain times (12:00 and 20:00) in order to increase visibility
  • We could all like the posts in order to increase their visibility
  • Buffer is a website that can be used to post things at a certain time
  1. Creating an email account

We don’t have an email account and need to set one up.


  1. Other matters
  • We voted for equality to be our theme, which resonates with the Finland 100 theme
  • Our copy card for printing posters etc. has expired due to the new printing system. Members of the board could request a quota for association use.
  • Elisa has the locker keys
  • We have new badges that can be given to new members
  • We could have a sign-up sheet and badges at the internship event
  • We have a notice board in the university that we should make use of
  1. Next meeting

The next meeting will be on Monday 20th February at 16:00. The location will be announced later.


  1. Ending the meeting

The meeting ended at 19:23.